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George Accommodation goes Mobile

George Accommodation goes Mobile   George Accommodation Website uses latest Technology to enable Mobile Browsing With the tremendous developments of the internet and especially the internet and cell phone market we had to develop our websites in order to be user friendly also  for the mobile Market. When thinking of it,  that the mobile market is gowing 4 times faster that the personal computer market, it is logic that Lalakoi had to invest in this growing market in order to give our advertisers also the benefit thereof. We have used the latest technology to develop our mobile sites.  Cell phone users do not need to log into our sites with another url.  The normal url (website address) can be used to visit our site in this case http://georgeaccommodation.com . Our program identifies your cell phone and serves you with the right platform. As we have have developed our websites for the latest mobile phones, Touch phone -, iPhone- and iPad users do not need to scroll sideways to browse the sites on their phones.  People who own other phones like Black Berry etc. will also be able to see our websites but the have to do a bit of scrolling. […]