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VRVibes Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences in George VRVibes a virtual reality company based in George on the Garden Route providing life changing experiences by making the impossible, possible. They offer a complete mobile gaming experience where gamers are not only able to look around their virtual environment, but are also physically able to walk and […]… More Info

Bigger Premises for Kiddies Party Shop George

Kiddies Party Accessories in the Garden Route Kiddies Party and Gift Shop stocks a wide range of kiddies’ party products and accessories. This local business has recently moved to a bigger shop to accommodate the more than 150 ranges.  Ranges includes from baby shower accessories to 10th birthdays and various other theme decor.  Kiddies Party and Gift Shop is the biggest kiddie’s party shop in the Garden Route. Kiddies Party Shop in George During May 2013 this kiddies’ party shop in George will receive a new stock. These themed party accessories include the following themes that will have your children very excited for the upcoming kiddie’s birthday party. Finding Nemo Marie Stars Princes Glamour Cinderella Elegant Barbie 101 Dalmatians New Mickey Club House Mini Fashion Mini Boutique and more!  

The Wolf Sanctuary

The Wolf Sanctuary Wolf Sanctuary Located Between Plettenberg and Knysna The Wolf Sanctuary, located between Plettenberg and Knysna, offers a fun-filled outing for the whole family. The diverse collection of wildlife and farmyard animals will fascinate both children and adults alike! Plettenberg Bay Tourism Attractions At this popular tourism attraction near Plettenberg Bay you can make eye-contact with a wolf and begin to understand the awesome nature of this magnificent animal. Marvel at the unique coat pattern of the African Wild Dog. Appreciate the incredible intelligence of the Black Backed jackal. Interact with the farmyard animals and discover animal affection! Visit The Wolf Sanctuary in the Garden Route The Wolf Sanctuary has 20 grey wolves, specifically Canadian Timber Wolves. They live in two separate enclosures and have formed family packs. Visit this Garden Route Sanctuary and take your time to view all the animals. There are no guided tours and no time limit, spend the day if you like! Comprehensive information boards are available at all carnivore camps. The ideal venue for children’s parties and special occasions. Light meals and refreshments available. Wheelchair/Senior Citizen friendly – all areas easily accessible, level terrain. Picnic areas/tables available. School groups are welcomed. Wolf […]