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Bartolomeu Dias Museum

Bartolomeu Dias Museum The Bartolomeu Dias Museum, officially opened in 1989 after the 1988 Dias 500 Festival, is the second biggest provincial museum in the Western Cape, after Kleinplaas Museum in Worcester. The museum was named after the first explorer who set foot on South African soil here in Mossel Bay on 3 February 1488, […]… More Info

Dias Museum

Dias Museum dias museum Old Post Office Tree in Mossel Bay The Dias Museum Complex in Mossel Bay has a wealth of places of historical interest. The most famous is possibly the Old Post Office Tree. This massive Milkwood tree which is over 500 years old is where the 16th century sailors left messages for each other in a shoe hanging from the tree. Mossel Bay Shell Museum The complex consists of three buildings; the Granary, Maritime- and Shell museums. The Granary serves as the reception and info center of the complex with conference facilities. The Maritime museum contains a life size replica of the ship on which Dias sailed into South African waters in 1488. The Shell museum houses a wide variety of shells and portrays for instance, the history of the use of shells by man over the centuries. Live animals are displayed in aquarium. Botanical Garden Mossel Bay The ethno-botanical garden in Mossel Bay is a collection of plants that occur naturally in the Mossel Bay area and which were used by the different people for shelter, food and medicine. The Braille trail makes it accessible to sight. Read More Leila`s Eatery Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail De Dekke […]