Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail

Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail – Storms River

Tsitsikamma Mountain TrailTsitsikamma Mountain Trail

The Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail in  indigenous forest

The Tsitsikamma Trail journeying through extensive indigenous forest and mountain fynbos. Ancient river gorges and abundant rivers and streams continually remind us of the creative power of water and the origins of the word Tsitsikamma.

The Tsitsikamma mountain Trail 60km long takes 6 days to do

tsitsikamma trailtsitsikamma trail

Beginning in Natures Valley and ending 60-km further at either the Storms River Bridge or Village, this six day, unidirectional trail takes hikers through the heart of the Tsitsikamma Mountains . Shorter variations (2, 3, 4 or 5 days) are possible as each overnight hut has its own unique access route with safe parking at the start.

Optional equipment porterage now provides hikers with the chance of having all their equipment transported between overnight huts. Other activities now permitted include vehicular and mountain bike access to certain overnight huts and informative guided day walks.

Upgraded overnight facilities of nthe five overnight huts

The trails overnight accommodation facilities have been upgraded to an excellent standard and you can truly enjoy magnificent views and relax in comfort at each of the five overnight huts.

tsitsikamma trailtsitsikamma trail

The fynbos harbours elusive endemics such as Victorins warbler, protea canary and the Cape siskin.

Baboon, vervet monkey, large-spotted genet, bushpig and bushbuck are often encountered along the route and at overnight huts. Leopard, serval, caracal, honey badger and blue duiker also occur, but are seldom seen. The forests provide ideal habitat for lesser seen bird species, such as rameron pigeon, narina trogon, sombre bulbul, forest buzzard, and colourful sunbirds and flycatchers. The fynbos harbours elusive endemics such as Victorins warbler, protea canary and the Cape siskin.

Day 1: Nature`s Valley – Kalander Hut – 3,6 km +- 1 hour 30 minutes
Day 2: Kalander – Blaawkrans Hut – 13,5 km +- 6 hours
Day 3: Blaawkrans – Keurbos Hut – 13,4 km +- 6 hours
Day 4: Keurbos – Heuningbos Hut – 13,4 km +- 6 hours
Day 5: Heuningbos – Sleepkloof Hut – 13,9 km +- 7 hours
Day 6: Sleepkloof Hut – Paul Sauer Bridge – 3,2 km +- 1 hour
or Sleepkloof Hut – Storms River Village – 5,5 km +- 2 hours

tsitsikamma trailtsitsikamma trail

Tsitikamma Trail Rates:
Our tariffs are R90,00 per person per day for overnighting at any of the five huts. (There are special rates for group and school bookings during off-peak times as well).

A day hike along the Tsitsikamma Trail without overnighting will cost R20,00 per person per day.

Should you wish your groups` equipment to be transported between overnight huts the cost will be R480,00 per hut for the first 6 people; R600,00 for 7 – 12 people, with an additional R50,00 per person thereafter. If you would like to drive to certain huts yourself, the cost will be R250,00 per hut.

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