Harry Giddey Park in Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay Harry Giddey Park

harry giddy park

The Harry Giddey Park in Marsh Street in Mossel bay is a hidden jewel, event to some locals, right in the centre of town.

The Park was first laid out as Victoria Park in the grand English manner in 1887. In the 1940’s it was extensively upgraded by Harry Giddey, after whom it was renamed. The historic gates at the southern entrance were erected in 1903 to commemorate the Jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain.

harry giddy park

Mossel Bay Bowls Club and Tennis Club

The Harry Giddey Park in Mossel Bay offers a Bowls Club, Tennis Club as well as a Bandstand and gazebo ideal for events and picnics.
The Park is ideal for an afternoon strolls in a tranquil and safe environment. There are a number of picnic areas, ornamental fountains, lakes and a river.

Touch Farm and Aviaries in Harry Giddey Park Mossel Bay

Kids can play in the children’s playground and wander around in the Aviaries and touch farm with miniature horses, goats, sheep, chicken, geese, ducks, rabbits and many tortoises.

mossel bay harry giddey park

Where to have a Picnic in Mossel Bay

The Harry Giddey Park is ideal from a peaceful picnic is a safe yet scenic environment.

Whether you are a local that wants to enjoy the pure beauty of nature in the park of a visitor to Mossel Bay, the Harry Giddey Park is a must to experience.