Thresher Caught on Nikita

Thresher Caught on Nikita


Shark catches on Nikita in Mossel Bay

On 2 January 2011 the young fisherman Sarudo Bonafede ( 14 years old)) was the lucky one who got a Thresher (sambokhaai) hooked while waiting for cob to bite. This was an early birthday present as he turned 15 the next day. Congratulations Sarudo, with your birthday and also landing this immaculate shark. The skipper Japie, of fishing boat Nikita brought Sarudo  and his fellow fishermen to the fishing spot. A few under size Cob and red fish were caught as well as a number of  Barbels.  Another Thresher was hooked but the angler was not able to land the shark.

Mossel Bay Fishing

This time of the year one can catch a good selection of fish from boats in the Mossel Bay waters. Deep Sea Adventures make use of three vessels to take people on fishing trips in the Mossel Bay area.  Dreamcatcher, Nikita and Dankie Pa