The Romonza in Mossel Bay

Seal Island Trips onboard the Romonza in Mossel Bay

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The Romonza is a well-known tourist attraction in Mossel Bay and takes a large number of tourists around seal island each year. Here is some interesting information regarding the Romonza for those who already embarked on a trip or those who are planning a trip onboard the Romonza in Mossel Bay.


Passenger Boat in Mossel Bay for Island Trips

The Romonza was not initially built for what it is used for today. Wim Klapwyk built the yacht to embark on a trip around the world. It took him 7 years to complete the project after which he first only played with it in the bay of Mossel Bay. It was only while doing this that he realized that his wife got motion sickness and the trip around the world only a dream. He then just used the boat to explore the bay and went around Seal Island. People soon started to ask him to take the along when he went around the Island and this was how the Romonza started as a passenger boat.

According to Charmaine, Wim Klapwyk asked his children to give him a name for the boat and they came up with the name Romonza. They took all three their names and added it; Robert, Monica and Zandra.


The Romonza offers the tourist a variety of activities such as Island Trips, Sunset Cruises, Ocean Safaris and Whale Watching Trips. They are also more than willing to accommodate people with whatever their needs are. They had private weddings, engagements as well as occasions when people wanted to through their relatives ashes into the ocean.

When Trolling in Mossel Bay you can catch Bonito

The crew likes to troll when they take the boat out for a trip. They are most likely to catch Bonito when they troll. Tourists enjoy this because they can see the bait on the surface and it is an experience to see when a fish takes the bait. There is an air of excitement on the boat as the crew shouts “Strike!” The captain stops the boat and the catch is bought in and weighed.

The Romonza is almost synonym to Mossel Bay as sand is to a beach. The Romonza had its maiden cruise in 1976 and its first trip as a passenger boat in 1978. It is still the same boat as the first day it set of sailing.

Whale Watching in Mossel Bay

The whaling season starts from middle June to middle October however there is some occasions when people still saw whale here in the bay in November. The Romonza crew mostly spotted the whale in the area between Hartenbos and Reebok. The most whales that they counted over a season period were 36 whales. Charmaine said they see an average of 4 to 6 whales being born in the bay each year.
Make sure to include the Romonza in your next visit to the Garden Route of South Africa!!