Mossel Bay Fishing Charters

Mossel Bay Fishing Charters


Mossel Bay Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Deep Sea adventures in Mossel bay are the owners of the fishing charter vessels Nikita and  Dreamcatcher in Mossel bay. They offer people a chance to go deep sea fishing in the Mossel bay area.During the past 12 years Deep Sea Adventures made the dream of several fisher men come true. To have a 10kg+ Kablejou on your line gives you an adrenalin rush – that’s for sure.  Not to talk about the bite on your hook and the fight with a Yellowbelly Rockord or a good sized Sunter. It is not only the large fish that makes a fisherman proud but also the chance to catch several species is also satisfactory. We had numerous fishermen who caught up to nine species on a specific fishing trip.


Good Catches of Cob, Sunter, and Miss Lucy in Mossel Bay near Mossel bay

The last three weeks we had good catches of Kabeljou, Sunter, Miss lucy, Yellow Belly Rockord, Red Roman and the odd nice size Dageraad was also in the bag. All caught near Mossel Bay.  Not only experienced fishermen caught the 9 species. Some first timers had that luck to.


32Kg Cob caught by a lady From East London

As the summer is not to far away the water will be getting warmer we will soon have more and more cob catches as well. As the Kabeljou started to bite late during last season, we are expecting good catches as well. Evidence is the 32Kg Kabeljou caught by a lady from East London. a 10.5 Kg Cob caught by Hugo Pretorius and a good size Miss Lucy caught by Samuel, the skipper of Nikita.

We, the owners of Deep Sea Adventures, the skippers and the crew are proud on our customer service and will make your experience with us a relaxing and memorable one! The vessels are geared with Hi Tech fish finding, navigation equipment and have on board toilet facilities. All your fishing gear and tackle are provided and we only use quality PENN fishing equipment. You may keep all the fish you are catching.