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Entertainment at Bravo Lounge Mossel Bay

With the winter now getting behind us and the weather becomes more favorable to go out, the Bravo Lounge arranged some top of the range entertainment at their venue in Mossel Bay. To mention a few highlights in October just read on to see what you can expect.

Christo Esterhuizen

After the Rugby  Bulls vs WP on our HD screen on Friday 5th October  at the Bravo Lounge  Christo Esterhuizen’s show will start at 21h00. His first CD was recorded during 2011. This vibrant young man from Mossel Bay knows exactly how to read his audience. Give him a microphone  and he starts moving. He writes and performs his own songs and also does brilliant versions of well known covers.

Dugald Pieterse


Dougald will perform at the Comedy Hour on Wednesday 10 October at 20H15. At only R30.00 per person this  talented comedian’,s show should not to be missed.  He is one of a handful of South African comedians who is at ease in performing both in English and Afrikaans. He tackles both family shows as well as the more controversial topics with great ease.

Ian Hall


12 October at the Bravo Lounge in Mossel Bay at 21h00
Ian started his career in Mossel Bay and then moved to Pretoria where he became a well known name. Ian now again lives in the Southern Cape.  He and his guitar are well known far beyond the borders of the Southern Cape. He has shared stages with Jan Blohm, Etienne Steyn, Bok van Blerk, Jakkie Louw, Jac Blanc as well as Koos Kombuis. He has done numerous performances on the different stages at the KKNK.  Enjoy his energy and versatility on stage.



19 October at 20h00

The local music landscape is in the throes of evolution thanks to Johan Oberholzer and Wilmaré Rautenbach, two incredibly able singer/songwriters. Collectively the two are HULLE, the new face of original Afrikaans pop that, one single in, has already successfully re-invigorated charts right across the country.
The song in question is “Laaste Asem”, and since its release to radio in early July 2011, the Cape Town-based duo has been hard at work wrapping up an album’s worth of confirmatory brilliance in support of their lyrically rich and brilliantly produced first single.
Johan is also an extraordinary talented song writer with a resume that makes your head spin.

Dowwe Dolla Dink Diep

With Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck  – On 20 October at 20h00

Dowwe Dolla
Dowwe Dolla needs no introduction. In her latest show confusion strikes when by accident, two books of Frederick Nietsche and Siener van Rensburg end up amongst Dolla’s stash of Mills & Boons, specially collected for her “trip” on the Costa Concordia.
Dolla starts reading this strange material while she waits to go on board. “Knowledge is power”, writes Nietshce, but “knowledge without understanding is dangerous”… and, predictably,  Dolla immediately gets an invite to join the Captain on the bridge…
The rest is history, and as we all know, Dolla is a Survivor, but the whole experience and her newfound knowledge, makes Dolla think….deeply… about things such as Alpha males, Twitter, Blonde road rage and Nietsche’s Relativity-theory… or was it Albert’s??… anyway… be warned…. this “course” is not for beginners…

Barry Hilton

Barry- Hilton

23 October at 20h00
Anyone who has seen a Barry Hilton show will know that he has an inimitable knack for extracting humour from everyday situations, coupled with his signature facial expressions and animated physical antics, ensuring a quality sold out show every time!
Unintentionally and effortless, Barry Hilton – International Man of Mirth – has crafted his own classic blend of observational satire, circular storytelling and animated expressions. Hilton is synonymous with inducing stomach-crunching laughter, exerting his neck and eyebrows in weird ways, saying the word ‘kak’ a lot and being loved and known by his nickname, ‘The Cousin’.

Michael Lindt

Michael Lindt

One of the Southern Cape’s fastest rising stars in the SA Music Hemisphere. After being signed by Select Michael has shot to the top of the popularity ladder. He has been nominated for three Bok Radio awards, including Best Song of the Year. This talented singer writes his own songs. He is in great demand and travels the country to perform He has a passion for music and it can clearly been seen by the enthusiasm at his performances.
Michael also writes for several other singers and the very delightful new version of ‘Heidi’ as performed by Kurt Darren, comes from his pen.

3D Divas

3D Divas

On 27 October at 21H00
A now for something completely different:
The Best Cabaret group in Cape Town – that is how critics refer to the 3D Divas featuring artist Anastacia Khan. The group was a concept which was born in the living room of Carl Richards (Kat Gilardi) while watching Destiny’s Child live concerts. Together with Kat the rest of the group is   Xavier Koopman (Tiara Skye) and Ermillo September (Angel Lalamore)
They grew from part time performers to being called the best Cabaret group in Cape Town. Their following also grew and they now boast a 50/50 following of heterosexual and gay supporters.
They offer a vast array of music and dance performances from the likes of Abba to Destiny’s Child and Beyonce. They also do music of Rihanna and Nicki Manaj. Add to these musicals such as Burlesque, Mama Mia and Dream Girls. For the older members of the audience they also touch on music by Celine Dion, Patti Labelle and Gladys Night. And Anastacia blows the audiences away with her performances of the Whitney Houston classics and the likes of Shirley Bassey.