Jazz music by Prerogatives

Jazz music by Prerogatives

Jazz music fans will be pleased to know that the Prerogatives will be performing at the Bravo Lounge in Mossel Bay during the month of July 2012.

Prerogatives Jazz at Bravo Lounge

Jazz band performing at Bravo Lounge

Jazz music fans were blown away by the recent performance by George-based band, Prerogatives, at Garden Route Casino’s show bar, Bravo Lounge. Those who missed the show can catch the band on Sunday the 15th of July at 17:00

Attending the jazz afternoon sessions at Bravo Lounge is free but people are urged to come early to ensure that they get a seat. Karaoke will follow the jazz session at 17:00. Another jazz band featuring at Bravo Lounge in July is Ocean Breeze. Ocean Breeze has played at the lounge on numerous occasions and has a real knack for getting the crowd humming and tapping their feet along with their music.

For more information contact Host Desk at Garden Route Casino