High Tea and Wimbleton? Why not Strawberries and Cream near George?

Strawberries in the Garden Route

Redberry Farm in George

High Tea and Wimbleton? Why not Strawberries and Cream near George?

If you are thinking of strawberries in the Garden Route, you must be thinking of Redberry Farm! Only minutes’ drive from George is a fairytale wonderland where kiddies and adults can enjoy themselves in strawberry fields. Here are various activities for young and old. The farm has a rich history that dates back to the family of CJ Langehoven, with some of the Langenhoven relatives buried on the farm.

redberry berry farm

The Redberry Farm first opened for business in 2001, after Mark Miller and partner Dave Cruse laid their hands on the beautiful farm on which we now find the Redberry Farm. When they bought the farm it was a dairy farm and after a colleague had done some research about strawberries, it soon became clear that the area of George has a micro climate ideal for strawberry growth.

The average minimum and maximum temperatures that was taken over a period of 35 years was a minimum of 13.2 ?C and a maximum temperature of 19.6 ?C. They also realised that there was no other strawberry farm in the area, making strawberry farming an ideal business opportunity.

redberry berry farm

Pick you own Strawberries at the Redberry Farm in George

The Redberry Farm started with the idea of a “pick your own”. This gives you the opportunity to take a container and go into the strawberry fields and choose your own strawberries! It was initially only open for 2 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Soon the Redberry Farm became so popular that they had to open 6 days a week from 9am to 4pm. The Redberry Farm became synonym with strawberries and cream, nevermind Wimbleton!

Activities at the Redberry Farm in George

Today the Redberry Farm is one of the best known activities for tourists and holidaymakers to the area and locals also enjoy a visit to the farm. People come from as far as Plettenberg Bay to enjoy the Redberry Farms famous tea and scones with strawberries and cream in the tranquil farm-like setting with the Outeniqua Mountains as back drop.

The Redberry Farm is set in the scenic and tranquil setting of George. The farm is centrally located to most of the activities in the area and is only minutes’ drive from Fancourt and the George Airport.

As the Redberry Farm wanted to be able to provide the visitors to the farm with strawberries right though the year, they decided to plant 6 different varieties of strawberries. They have California-, Spanish and Israel varieties on the farm.

Strawberries in South Africa

Although the farm offers strawberries right through the year, the best time of the year to pick strawberries is during the month of September. The average size of the strawberries that will be harvested in September grows up to 110g each. These strawberries are part of the California Commitment.

The farm produce their own products from the strawberries such as jams, syrups, liquors and lots more that they then sell in the Farm stall on the farm. They also supply various shops with some of their top quality strawberries. They even supply as far as Johannesburg.

Friends and Families from all over come to the Redberry Farm of a peaceful day between the strawberry fields, to enjoy a snack in the tea garden and to let their kids run around and play in a safe environment. The Redberry Farm not only offers strawberries, but there are also a number of fun activities for the young ones to be entertained with.

The Redberry Farm launched their Mini Train in 2010

In 2010 the farm launched their “Mini Train” and ever since an astonishing number of 20 000 people already enjoyed a ride on our train. This is a unique activity that will entertain both adult and child. The track winds in between the strawberry field for 700m providing young and old with lots of fun! While on the track on gets a beautiful view of the Outeniqua Mountain.

The Redberry Farm also boasts with its own “bubble ball”, that is a large inflatable ball that allows activities on water.

The Bubble Ball provides great entertainment for those who always wanted to play and run in water without getting wet.

The farm will soon also be the home of one of the largest Mazes in Southern Africa. Here over 30 000 Syzygium Paniculatum Plants have been planted with approximately 10 000m of pathway to discover. This is an educational maze that incorporates the secrets of strawberries.

Kids, or adults if you wish, can feed our beautiful and friendly bunnies or enjoy a pony ride.
The tea garden is not only ideal for tea and scones while the young ones enjoy themselves in our safe and child friendly environment, playing on the Jungle Gym or enjoying one of the farms many activities, but is also the perfect venue for kiddies’ parties, stork parties and birthday parties. The venue was already home to many parties on which kiddies and adults enjoyed themselves.

Some interesting facts about strawberries are that strawberries form part of the rose family. A strawberry is a succulent, red fruit that is produced from tiny white flowers.

The Redberry Farm is proud to announce that 2011 is their 10th anniversary and what is a anniversary without an celebration! On the 16th of June 2011 there will be an huge strawberry celebration on the farm. The day will be a fun filled day and will be the ideal day for friends and families to bring their kids and enjoy a day on the farm.

The Annual Strawberry Festival will be held in September at the Redberry Farm

It is also almost time for the annual Strawberry Festival on the Redberry Farm, and on the 23rd and 24th of September 2011 we will be celebrating this once again. There will be stalls, entertainment, live music, tractor rides, jumping castles, races, strawberry competitions and lots more!

Now if you hear the word strawberry you will surely first think of the Redberry Farm in George! The ideal location of friends and family to come together!