George Kwekery

George Nursery

George Kwekery

The George Kwekery / George Nursery is located just outside of George and offers a wide selection of indoor & outdoor plants and seedlings. They also stock water features, pots and other concrete products, gardening tools and more. The friendly staff members are always ready to assist you.

Restaurant at the George

The restaurant at the George Nursery is fully licensed and offers freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, cakes and coffee in the landscaped nursery garden. This is the ideal venue to have a birthday party, stork or kitchen party, kiddie’s parties, conference and other functions and events.

Child Friendly Activities in George

Children (and parents) are welcome to visit the kiddies play area and animal farm at the George Nursery. . Entrance is free – feeding packets can be bought in the nursery. This is one of the most popular child friendly activities in George.

Venue for Kiddies Parties in George

Kiddies parties and school groups are welcome at the George Nursery! The Animal Farm, play area and tea garden is the ideal venue for any Kiddies party! Contact us for available or tailor made packages!

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