Lalakoi Travel Guide 7th Edition Now Available

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Lalakoi Travel Guide 7th Edition

The Lalakoi Team is proud to announce that the 7th edition of the Lalakoi Travel is now available in a printed and soon also  an online version This edition will be available from September 2009 until August 2010. If you want a link to the online version we will mail you the link as soon as we have the online version ready. Please use the contact us button at the bottom of the page to lodge your request.

lalakoi travel guide

lalakoi travel guide

Where to stay, things to do, places to visit, dining out and night life in the Garden Route

The guide contains information on where to stay, things to do, places to visit, dining out and night life and venues for weddings, conferences and other functions in the Garden Route, Klein Karoo and Route 62.

South African and Garden Route maps

Extra features in the 2009/2010 edition include the South African and Garden route maps and distance log in the centre spread. Over the past year we also found that a calendar is one of those things that is always missing when we are planning our holiday or breakaway, thus the inclusion of the calendar for the period September 2009 to August 2010.

The 1st edition of the now called  Lalakoi Travel Guide

things to do in the Garden Route and Little Karoo

things to do in the Garden Route and Little Karoo

Some times things develop by accident and the Lalakoi Travel Guide is one of those.  During 2004 Lalakoi Information Office in George had a Coffee Shop adjacent to the Info Office. We thought it good to give our coffee shop clients information about the area by means of place mats.

Things to do in the Garden Route place mats

Each Table got its place mats with information about things to do in the Garden Route. Images, description and contact numbers.

We underestimated the popularity of our place mats. Our clients needed the information and took the place mats with them. We now saw the need of a publication where the readers could find more information about the Garden Route. It was high season and we did not want to disappoint our clients. Within 3 days we had a printed black and white publication  available for our valued clients. The first edition was called Things to do in “The Garden Route & Little Karoo”

How the “Lalakoi Travel Guide” has started

This humble little guide was extremely popular and we received requests to print this publication on a regular basis. That is how the “Lalakoi Travel Guide” has  started.

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